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Our subscription-based financial planning, or imageservices are simple and effective. You get paired with a dedicated “Navigator,” a licensed financial advisor who will get to know you and give you customized financial advice and guidance. Think of the Navigator as your own personal finance trainer. You can talk with your Navigator as often as you want as part of your monthly subscription fee.

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Choose a membership for advisory services that best fits your needs and get paired with a Navigator today!

Address immediate needs

Work with your Navigator to address immediate questions or concerns, and take actionable steps where needed.

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Your Navigator will use a suite of financial planning tools relevant to your situation, guiding you along the way to help you meet your financial goals.



Get some more structure and financial clarity with a FREE financial plan.

get access to customized guidance


Basic financial planning & advice
Unlimited communications with your Navigator
Access to our basic suite of financial planning tools and services

Basic financial planning & advice
Unlimited communications with your Navigator
Access to our full suite of financial planning tools and services


Specialized services and tools not included in the basic subscription, such as  One-click  or Customized  investment management, estate planning, debt management, and more.

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We help companies image and associations image start a new 401k plan or manage an existing plan 401k plan
We help employees image navigate their current and prior 401k accounts successfully

What does it mean to work with a financial advisor?

A financial advisor regularly talks with you to understand your financial situation, and help you identify your goals, needs, wants, and challenges. Depending on your situation, a financial advisor a may provide general guidance or specific advice. Topics you might discuss include income & spending, savings, investments, and much more.

More about navigate and How it Works

Financial planners & advisors are notorious for being difficult to access until you hit a certain level of net worth. Our goal at Navigate Financial is to make financial planning accessible to everyone, not just the 1%. For one manageable monthly fee, you get connected with a dedicated financial advisory, a financial plan, and regular communication with your advisor. Any Navigator you work with is a certified financial planner, and our Netflix-like subscription-based model makes wealth management more accessible than ever. Managing your money doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether in debt or sitting on a large bank account, we’re here to help you set and achieve your financial goals. 

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