Our mission is to bridge the wealth gap

Financial wealth builds on itself, and the odds are stacked against people who have little money to begin with or who have difficulty implementing basic financial principles. Navigate Financial’s mission is to increase access to personalized, quality financial advice for more Americans at a price they can afford.

Everyone deserves financial advice

Our story:

Navigate Financial’s roots date back to 1993, when its founder, Ben Driggs, started a tutoring business near Washington D.C. Ben’s passion for teaching and guiding led to two learning centers helping hundreds of students.

In 2001, Ben sold the tutoring business and moved with his family to Salt Lake City, where he began a career as a financial advisor. The topics changed from math and chemistry to finance, but the fundamental passion for teaching and guiding remained the same.

As a young financial advisor, Ben quickly realized the financial advisory industry is focused on serving the needs of people who already have financial assets, and the more money a person has, the more attention that person receives. For most financial advisors, the ideal book of business is “fewer clients and richer clients.” Ben’s philosophy and hope is to serve more people, not fewer.

Ben Driggs
Quotes from Our Founder

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