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Our services are designed to provide you with the same level of guidance and support you would receive from a traditional financial advisor but at a fraction of the cost.


Basic financial planning & advice
Unlimited communications with your Navigator
Access to our basic suite of financial planning tools and services

Basic financial planning & advice
Unlimited communications with your Navigator
Access to our full suite of financial planning tools and services


One-click  investment management

Customized  investment management

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We help companies image and associations image start a new 401k plan or manage an existing plan 401k plan successfully
We help employees image navigate their current and prior 401k accounts successfully

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Help with your 401k

If you have money in a 401k plan, we can help you! Whether you are currently employed, or your 401k is at a prior employer, we can provide guidance on questions such as these:

As a reminder, we are fiduciaries, so we will provide advice that is in your best interest!

Helping associates

Associations are uniquely positioned to take advantage of recent legislation, which establishes new rules that help associations offer a 401k benefit to their members in ways that did not exist before. We are eager to work with associations of all kinds, all sizes, and anywhere in the country.

Helping companies

About sixty percent of our business is dedicated to the 401k market. We are long-time 401k experts and provide excellent support for business owners, HR professionals, and employees. For plan sponsors, we provide the usual services a 401k advisory firm provides, such as plan governance support, vendor advice and oversight, plan design consulting, investment management, employee education, and fee benchmarking. We recently rolled out a national group 401k plan to ease plan sponsor administrative burdens, decrease plan fiduciary liability, and drive down fees. We act as either a 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary, whichever makes the most sense for the client. We have a duty to always act in the best interest of plan participants.

Customized investment management

If you want more involvement in your portfolio, an active relationship with your investment advisor, and/or a wide array of investment options, try our Customized option. We will regularly review your portfolio, make changes as needed, provide customized quarterly reviews, and accommodate specific investments you may want to include. We assume fiduciary liability with respect to the management of the portfolio and have a duty to act in your best interest. The investment management fee is generally 1.00%, which does not include the cost of investments themselves (investment costs vary, depending on what investments are in the portfolio).

One-click investment management

This is our ultra simple, low-cost option. You choose an investment model, and we handle the rest. The four options are Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive, and Strategic Cash Management. We assume fiduciary liability with respect to the management of the portfolio. The investment management fee is 0.50%, and the cost of the investments is less than 0.05%, for a total cost less than 0.55%. Compare that to what you have now, and the cost savings will likely be significant!